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February 27, 2006

Use of [Me] in sharepoint filters for infopath

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I think I will continue on the Infopath theme.

I have found another site which does this


Infopath – feel the power!!

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Ok thats was plain stupid.

I have been working heavily with Infopath and everytime I turn around I am more and more impressed with it. Yes I have gripes but its flexibily is really quite awesome.

For example I am now using infopath instead of lists when possible. My reason are

  • Nice UI (good to add corporate branding, impresses management)
  • Some smarts can be easily built in for data checking. (Date validation is good here Date A must be before Date B)
  • Multiple file attachments.
  • Fields can be pushed up to be visible in the form library.

There are more but they help. I also found away to add the use of the [me] for views, I havent used it yet but here it is .

I also use them instead of document libraries (not ideal I know but I do have my reasons).

The main point is that it allows a nice way with spell checking and data validation for adding metadata to a document. The document gets attached to the infopath form. The biggest downside and well is a killer in most cases is the editing of the attached document is only possible by editing it localy then re-attaching it.

A way around this is to allow the user to link to an existing document in a sharepoint library(I use a rich text box and a submit button) its a bit clunky but it works, i can expand on this if people want it.

A big reason for using them instead of document libraries is by using views and a menu of sorts you can enable a form library to allow many different types of documents!!

Simpy create a view which is unique for the data you wish to store, then a menu with a list of buttons which allows the user to select which document they wish to fill out. When they click the view save the form type they have selected to a field so when tehy edit it later the correct view loads up straight away for editing.

There were other tricks for this and I may blog it later but I have said enough for now.

My point….Infopath I think is under used. Take a look at it scratch its surface.


Sorry New location

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I have changed again. I hope I will stay here, I must say this looks like a good host complete with a log of hits and a good layout.

Anyway I wont bring across all my other posts but they are here if anyone cares.

Blog at