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March 14, 2006

Use of SharePoint Roll ups.

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I havent really written a narrative before but I will now, if nothing else as a way to get my thoughts a little more structured.

There seems to be a proliferation of the concepts of roll ups, as well as many roll up web parts around.

Coras Works

Sharepoint Server 2007

And a myriad of some good ones developed by the usual bunch of SharePoint gurus.

Now my thought is. Are they a good thing? Is it seen as way of helping or hindering the user(that’s what we care about in the end).  I feel unless they are used sparingly and for a clear requirement on almost a one off basis they may be a hindrance to users.

My reasoning is thusly, A good SharePoint architecture should allow the user to easily find and go to a site or area that contains the information that is relevant for them. If a person is after the policy on leave they would visit the HR site and locate it there. Or the deployment schedule for a particular system, they should go to the system site (or another IT Development site).

The point is the structure should be intuitive enough for people to go in as few clicks as possible to the area that would have the information they are after, after a few weeks (days) of usage it should become second nature for a user to assume ALL finance related information (that they are allowed to view) is in a central Finance Site and that’s what they would do.

If roll ups are used excessively they will not be able to see the full picture of the site and will think perhaps they are only restricted to see a small part of a Site and is not able to see all the other information that maybe of interest. One task for SharePoint is for information to be visible and accessible to the users, reducing the need for repetitive phone calls and emails.

I would think that the use of roll ups would create very busy sites and people would tend to rely on them to give them all their information, instead of navigating through a nice easy navigation structure to a logical and well defined site structure.

In conclusion

I think nothing beats a good design and navigation with the users in mind to supply information to people. Using roll ups may complicate the growth and alow people to be more relaxed in defining a clear useable structure and thinking of the context of the information and what it relates to.


Im sure and that roll ups do have a very clear niche, I just hope I don’t see to many of them. As it may be a give a way or a quick fix to a poorly designed site.

This make sense? maybe not. 

Tell me your thoughts. 


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  1. Well I agree with you on the design of the site architecture but I’m not sure roll-ups are used just for that.

    What if an organization uses WSS site for their projects and they have hundreds of sites and you are working on at least 20 of them. Each of them have tasks assigned to you, or some sort of document.

    Wouldn’t you think the roll-up feature is a good fit for this scenario? On the central Project management site create a roll-up so that users can see all their tasks, docs, etc. related to them with one simple place.

    Not only you should have a great architecture design but I also think you can enchance the users experience by giving them quick ways to access information.

    Comment by CoskunCavusoglu — August 12, 2006 @ 5:06 pm

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