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March 15, 2006

Sharepoint security

Filed under: Sharepoint — stephenmuller @ 12:36 am

Recently I have been having an issue with the use of Guest access in SharePoint to sites.

Well as everyones knows except me the when you allow a user to have rights to a list or library, the system will automatically  assign them a guest permission on the site. The thing I didnt realise is that guest access does not allow the user to navigate to the site, it simply allows them to access the list in the site so they can view the links bar on the left and the top navigation bar which is managed from the site.

For me this was not so good as it was important for a user to be able to navigate through the sites to get to the library they had access to, so they did not have to remember a discreet URL. I wanted the user to be able to see the site list of what they had access to so they could follow the links like everyone else. 

The way this was done is I created a Site Group called ‘User Guest’ or something like that, I gave this group access only to View Pages in the Site Access. This meant they could navigate to the site but could not access any of the libraries or lists unless it was implicitly set.

A big bonus to this is the leadit navigation tool (which rocks and if you dont have it your in a world of trouble so get it here) is that it checks the subsite security and will only show the links the user has the site access to. So the navigation structure is preserved and the user can clearly see what they can and cant see.

One funny is that even though you may not inherit permission, the user must have access to the top level site as well as the sites that the user will need to traverse through to reach the information they can see. Its easier with inherited permissions but it never works out in the long term as things change.

Hope this makes sense


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