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April 30, 2006

FileName is locked for editing by ‘another user’

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When you open a file from sharepoint (I dont know if this only applies to office documents) and the application crashes (not Sharepoint), when you re-open the document from sharepoint you will get an error

FileName is locked for editing by ‘another user’.
Dont waste time looking for any temp files to delete just wait 10 Mins and reopen the document again from sharepoint it should of cleared the lock again.

I know its not a big thing to blog but I thought I would anyway.


I have written some other posts which may also fix the problem or give you some help, they areĀ



April 21, 2006

Great little web site

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Yes I know it has been a while but I have been so busy doing workflows using Captaris I have blogged much as most of what I am doing is fairly standard. Although I am on the look out for any neat Captaric Actions people may have done, I have some and I am working on getting them a little more useable at the moment.

 Anyway this cool little site is 

 It allows one to grab text or image snipits and save them in a central site it is great for storing that great little bit of code or tips that you dont want to blog. Great little tool.

April 4, 2006

VMWare vs VPC

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For the last week I have been increasingly frustrated with the performance of MS VPC. I buddy of mine (Bill Williamson who refuses to do a technical blog) kept on saying to use VMWare. Well I down loaded a free viewer from the VMWare site corrupted one VPC disk (my stupid fault) and used another (backed it up this time) and the performance was good. So I hassled my office and got a copy of VMWare 5.5 that will also import VPC files.

 I converted one and well I dont know how I used to use VPC the difference was unbelieveable just like using the desktop (or laptop). I was so blown away then Bill showed me some more features like the drag and drop from the host to the guest……….an the snapshots look very cool and I think I will make better use of it. 

Here is a site that shows another nifty use of snapshots.

 And I agree with him.

There are some funnies but a bit of stuffing arouund to convert VPc to VMware  there was one which i had to dig for. The problem arises when it tries to locate a

 The solution is here 

Moral of the story…if you use VPC's and dont want to muck around fine tuning and stuff BUY VMWARE 5.5 

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