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April 4, 2006

VMWare vs VPC

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For the last week I have been increasingly frustrated with the performance of MS VPC. I buddy of mine (Bill Williamson who refuses to do a technical blog) kept on saying to use VMWare. Well I down loaded a free viewer from the VMWare site corrupted one VPC disk (my stupid fault) and used another (backed it up this time) and the performance was good. So I hassled my office and got a copy of VMWare 5.5 that will also import VPC files.

 I converted one and well I dont know how I used to use VPC the difference was unbelieveable just like using the desktop (or laptop). I was so blown away then Bill showed me some more features like the drag and drop from the host to the guest……….an the snapshots look very cool and I think I will make better use of it. 

Here is a site that shows another nifty use of snapshots.

 And I agree with him.

There are some funnies but a bit of stuffing arouund to convert VPc to VMware  there was one which i had to dig for. The problem arises when it tries to locate a

 The solution is here 

Moral of the story…if you use VPC's and dont want to muck around fine tuning and stuff BUY VMWARE 5.5 


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