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May 14, 2006

Importing Virtual PC to VMware

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Ihave been using vmware for a while now and as stated before very impressed. I originaly had my VHD files on my exernal drive which worked well as they were large.

When I imported the vpc files to Vmware I selected the local drive (no on the external as when the plug got knocked during presentations I had to reload the VPC, very annoying and embarassing.) anyway event though the files seemed to be on the local drive the image would not run without the external drive.

My VMware/linux guru type friend Bill Williamson who refuses to have a TECHNICAL Blog found the issue. The problem is in the <your image name>.vmdk file there is a path that still references the vhd file on the external drive. The key is of course to copy the VHD file to the folder where the vmware files are for the image and change the entry to reference it localy.

Simply open the vmdk file in notepad. Look for the parentFileNameHint entry and change the path to the local file (just remove the path but keep the filename).

Hope this works for others.


This has been around for a while but there is  a beta (I think) migration tool that VMware are offereing for testing. I havent tested it yet but it has some awesome features. But it will also convert your Virtual PC files.


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  1. I have vmware 5.5. Need to convert from vdh

    Comment by Georg B. Nilsen — November 5, 2006 @ 2:07 pm

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