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August 16, 2006

Vista and VMware

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Last week or so I took the plunge and installed Vista beta 2 on my laptop. No not as a VM image but as the base operating system. I was fully prepared for the problems its is after all still beta.

It ran fine, there were the obvious speed problems the explorer did my head in, but I wanted to use it get a an understading of it with office and most of all run it with a VM with MOSS on.

BUT VM just wouldnt work properly, if I did get it working the network would not bridge to the hosts network so I couldnt connect. Then I couldnt even get it working at all due to the fact I un-installed it and re-installed it.

Since my life revolves around the use of VM Images and demos I had to grudgingly reinstall XP as the host.

My whinge is this; yes I know it is beta (I suspect more people need to be aware of this) but I did expect VM to be more helpful and forthcoming with some assistance on this as a few people have had problems. For those who want to try harder than I there is a link here.

There are also some other posts on this forum just search for Vista +Host.

Oh Vista is still a beta if you dont like it dont use it. And wait. And wait. And wait.


August 4, 2006

Beware – The Naboo Email Scam

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This is way off topic but it is was funny.

Well Done Bill

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