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September 18, 2006

VMware and Vista

Filed under: Vista/MOSS — stephenmuller @ 4:08 am

Seems that VMWare is working on the Vista problems. I have upgraded to 5.5.2 of VMware Workstation and was pleased to see the following line in their release notes about known bugs

The following are known issues with Workstation 5.5.2, Build 29772.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Beta Build CTP 5472 Cannot Be Installed as a Guest Operating System in a Workstation 5.5.2 Virtual Machine
    When you attempt to install Microsoft Windows Vista Beta Build CTP 5472 in a Workstation 5.5.2 virtual machine, the virtual machine hangs as the installation completes the phase Windows is loading files. Work is in progress on this problem.

Good to see they are working on the issues, hopefully they are still looking at the issue with Vista as the host and using vmware from it.


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