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October 21, 2006

Rotating screen in Vista

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This is for the tablets of the world but it did my head in and took me a while to fix the display (I dont have a tablet)…

But if you press Ctrl + Alt + (any arrow key) it will roatate your screen.


October 13, 2006

the coolest toy Computer Assisted Black Board….

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This is very off topic but it is so cool. 

 I need to have this. I wonder if you could have it on a tablet PC. It looks very fun.

October 11, 2006

Default fields in Sharepoint lists

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For Sharepoint 2003 only 

 I have been looking for a particular field that I want to reference in a document library event handler I am writing, to get the spelling right I triedto find a list on the net of the default field names used when a sharepoint list is created. Think I could find it easily??? noooooo..  A friend said “just write some code to return the list”. I am not a developer so I refused (but those who are a night or day developers can easily find the code on the net, im not so I only found them by accident).

Eventally I found a page that lists all the default field names for each sharepoint list type.

October 9, 2006

Filter values for a Data View webpart

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I have been trying to add a little more flexibility to an existing sharepoint site. Currently some webparts look at the querystring  to determine what documents should be displayed to the user. IE if the querystring has http://blahurl?Doc=Policy then the document relating to policy would be displayed.

Works well, however I wanted to be able to list documents that may have been marked as ‘Policy – Email’ or “Policy – Leave’ etc.

 When using the default way of editing these webparts via frontpage. I selected the Filter link for the webpart I wish to edit, the only options that are available for comparing the field with the query string, were only the numeric comparisons were available in the dropdown (Equals, Is Null, Less than etc). I was after the “Contains” comparison.

I went back to the webpart in frontpage and selected web part properties and edited the Data Query Editor xml fragment. The section to change is

 <dsp:where xmlns:dsp=”Http://micorsoft…….”>


<dsp:FieldRef Name”Yourfield”/>

<dsp:Value Type=”xsd:string”><udc………..>



Change the <dsp:Eq> to <dsp:Contains> and the closing tag as well. There is another string comparison that can be used but the link where I got the info from is

It all worked well and was even reflected in the filter string visible in Frontpage.

Hope this helps someone.

October 5, 2006

Upgrade to Vista

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I have been swayed to re-install Vista on my laptop today. Two things have tempted me to do it.

A friend has assured me that VMWare will now work on RC1, if not I will hold him personally responsible.

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