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January 15, 2007

Error connecting to SQL Server 2005 when Installing MOSS

Filed under: MOSS — stephenmuller @ 2:07 am

Firstly I have been quiet because of a move to another company. Its a good one seem progressive, interesting and flexible..all good points. Im largly the Sharepoint, workflow and stuff guy.

Anyway the topic is..

I was setting up a new VM with MOSS, and thinking I was clever (and this was my undoing) and create a seperate instance for MOSS when installing SQL Server 2005, so in the setup of 2005 I created a seperate instance.

When I then ran the Sharepoint Central Admin Wizard I typed in all the details for the instance when creating a new database, and it failed saying it could not locate the SQL Server or the user was wrong or the pasword was wrong etc.

The long and short of it is, use the default instance when install SQL Server 2005 and when using installing MOSS.

And read this series of posts (I am just linking to the page that has the SQL Server entry bit).

Happy New Year guys.


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