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February 27, 2007

Good article on Sharepoint 2007

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This was sent to me by a leading Collaboration and Portal Evanaglist, so I thought I would add it here…,1895,2082618,00.asp


February 14, 2007

WSS vs MOSS web parts

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I was trying to use the content query web part on a WSS site but found suprisingly that it does not exist. I found a good site as to what web parts are available in MOSS and WSS (as well as a compaarison with v2).

I really dont know why the content query webpart is not available especially sinceone can use content types in WSS (it seems to me). Can anyone explain this to me.

I suspect I will have to go to using Sharepoint designer to create something.

February 1, 2007

Content Type Query Rollup views

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There seems to be a lot of good excitment about content types and people seem to be pushing them a bit and there a lots of blogs about it.

I left a comment on the blog where Aaron is writing up about content types. So I thought I would write about the feature that I really enjoy about using content types.

It relates to the use of the Content Type Query Web Part. The webpart allows content types to be aggregated to a single view. The Content Type Query allows you to view all documents (for eg) for a particular content type to be viewed on the parent site no matter what site or sites the content type is in.

A Picture is worth a thousands words as mine dont make sense anyway.

Firstly read the above blog to create a content type and create a few documents and relate them to the new content type (I wont go into detail on how to create a content type as there is alot of blogs about it, but I can if asked).

Move to the site you want the WebPart to view the content, Edit the Page and add the Content Query webpart.

When the webpart is added edit the properties of the webpart. The properties list should look like this


Expand the Query heading which would look like this


I selected the second option to show the items from a certain site and its subsites, select the browse button to select the parent site. The other options will also allow you to select the items from a particular list. Once selected it should look like

Query Values

We aint done yet. Further down in the Query section you can choose what list types and then what content type from those list types you want to view as shown below


Futher down you can actually filter the values you want further by selecting some filters on the metadata… As well as being able to target them to audiences.

This is great it will allow you to show for example all the approved Policy documents in your clients site structure, without having to navigate to all sites to find all the relevant documents.

So once that is done you should be able to see all documents that match the selected content type no matter what site it is in all rolled up into one view.

It does not stop there you can modify the look and feel of these views as well. I havent done it yet but here are some links to sites that tell you how.

This post is not of the standard as Liams is but I hope it helps.

Now some may notice a past post about how Im not very keen on rollups. Yes I am changeing a little, but I feel it is most important that when it comes to adding content and seeing the big picture users should be encouraged to go to the site itself.

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