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March 25, 2007

DOD 5015.2 Certification

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This looks like it is still on track for Sharepoint to obtain this certification (It is from what I understand only for Chapter 2)…

Any way there is more here

Personally I do agree with the comment on this entry. It was very short sighted of MS not be more heavily involved with this. A lot of clients hate their existing RM/DM system and would be happy to change but cant change to Sharepoint as they dont have any certification.

Standards are there for a reason (as all developers should know) , they should not be undermined or tacked on as an after thought, they really should be rusted into the application for the go get.


InfoPath 2007 + Forms Services +Roles

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One of the best functions of Infopath is implementing Roles. These allow the InfoPath form to displayed differently (using views) to specific users or groups.

I have recently found out to my grief that Roles are not supported using Form Services! Views can be used but not in conjunction with roles… There is a work around that is not overly glamorous but it seems it will work and it was blogged on the Infopath blog

The link is

Im sure there was a good reason for it, as it knows the user who is logged on and can handle views..I am hoping it is a good reason but…

PS Love Form Services SharePoints playing field is getting larger.

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