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August 22, 2007

AD Groups with Approvals in MOSS

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Yes it has been a while

One thing I try to encourage companies to do who are moving towards MOSS is to use AD groups to define roles for Sharepoint. The only reason really is that there is one place to define security. I am happy for this to debated. Anywayyy

 The point is this AD group was wrapped up in a Sharepoint group (which allowed many ad groups to be collected ie admins for each dept).  The problem was people in the AD group did not have the approve button on the screen. If I added a user directly to the sharepoint group that user go the Approval capability.

 The problem it seemed is a checkbox in the workflow settings for the library. The checkbox is on the second page of the workflow settings…

 Assign a single task to each group entered (Do not expand groups)

Assign a single task

When this was unchecked the AD user could now approve the pages. The ramifications of unchecking this I have to look at more but it seemed to do the job. I think it handles the users seperatley rather than grouping it all togeather, it sort of makes sense.

If anyone has views on this let me know……


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  1. We have the same issue here.
    Strangely it seems that unchecking this creates a different workflow task for every member of the group.
    The page was not published until all members of the group approved the item. So It does give the approve button but all emmbers need to approve before it gets published.

    Comment by Mathieu — September 18, 2007 @ 6:07 pm

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