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June 24, 2008

Creating Office Save and Open Shortcuts for Sharepoint

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This is a great way in MOSS to push save and open locations to your users so they can access them quickly from inside an office application, and they can be audience driven as well.

Go to the SSP Admin Page. Click on Publish Links to Office Client applications.

Publish Links

Then click new to add in the locations you want your users to save to.

New Publish Location

Click OK to save.

When the users want to save or open an office document, they select My Sharepoint Sites in the Favourite Links Section of the Save As or Open Dialog box of the Office application.

Now there seemed to be a lag when all these folders become available to users, it may well be after a full crawl but just be aware there is a delay.

I do not know if this works for Office 2003 but I do suspect it only works for Office 2007.

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June 23, 2008

Document Information panel not appearing

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I finally go a chance to look into this, it has been a problem for me but I just ignored it, until now.

If you have had trouble with your Document Information Panel (DIP) not appearing when you open up word (or any Office document), check the settings on the content type (if it is a content type).  There is a Document Information Panel settings link that allows you to select if you want the DIP to always be visible on open, it seems to be turned off by default.

I hope the image gives you some ide of it, looks a bit blurry to me.

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