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August 22, 2008

Managing Folders in Sharepoint lists

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Off the cuff I dont like using folders in SharePoint lists at all, I activley encourage my clients not to use them and to leverage metadata instead as this allows views to be flexible, but we can debate this another day.

I have one client that has an image library with many folders in it grouping the data sort of…. The task of moving all the images into a structure without folders was going to be a long process as there were lots of images. We made an image tag list to allow them to tag an image with mulitple tags so they can be searched and filtered. But it was the folders were making the use of these tags almost impossible.

But there is a trick that allows the folders to be ignored and to present all the images in a single flat structure. Its in the view configuration. When creating a view there is a folder section and a check box that allows all items to be displayed without the folders.

So now all the views for the display all the images in all the folders without displaying the folders.

Very handy. Many people may already be using this, but if your not and you dont want to worry about folders then you should.

On a side note about the Image library and the latest Infrastructre update there is a bug. Brian Farnhill has more here!AEC42F315B4528B0!2974.entry


August 11, 2008

File Locked by another using MOSS user pt 2

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I had put in a log entry for this a while ago but

  • It was for 2003
  • And it didnt work for me in this situation.

The situation was when I tried to edit a specific document I got the message box that another user had it opened for editing, no matter what I did even deleteing it and re-uploading it I still got the message.

What ended up working was simply to Check it out change something then check it back in and close and from then on it was fine!

Go figure maybe the check in/out removed some locking file?

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