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November 10, 2008

Gantt chart web part render problems

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I have noticed that when a gantt chart view web part is dropped on a page the gantt chart scrolls of the edge. I never really got around to looking at it but Heather Solomon has done a fix for it. The link is below–Gantt-View-with-custom-master.aspx

November 6, 2008

File Locked by another using MOSS user pt 3

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I have more information regarding locked files in SharePoint, these have been commonly read posts.

 This is from Ian Morrish’s blog, you should all have it in your feed anyway..

He discusses the traps and tricks for Check in and Check out, but it also has this detail on locking time outs for files

Lock File Timeout

This is interesting and something to beware of when rolling out to different Operating Systems. I wonder how these timeout can be changed esp the Vista one as it seem a little long. Let me know if you find out where…..

Go and read his good post

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