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November 10, 2008

Gantt chart web part render problems

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I have noticed that when a gantt chart view web part is dropped on a page the gantt chart scrolls of the edge. I never really got around to looking at it but Heather Solomon has done a fix for it. The link is below–Gantt-View-with-custom-master.aspx

April 24, 2008

FlexListViewer Cast error

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I recently looked ate the FlexListViewer which is a great little app which you can get here. 

When I tried it I got

Error occurred: Unable to cast object of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLookupValueCollection’ to type ‘System.String’.

I noticed a few other people got the error. Looking into it a bit the error is due to a field in the referenced view that cant be displayed (I had it on a multi-select lookup, im sure there are other types).

There are a few ways to fix this one is to delete the offending field (clearly the not the most rational idea), create a view that does not display the field and reference that in your FlexListViewer settings (which I did) or I imagine you could do some work with the xslt (Im not to crash hot on that, but if you get it working let me know).

Any issues email me…



April 10, 2008

Its the simple things…a view for documents I have worked on

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This very simple view has a very large impact with users I have noticed. It is easyand im not claiming to have found anything new just want to pass on a good way to setup a view that has a high impact.

Many users want to see documents that they have been working on. There are a few ways this can be done, one is via a vew on a document library or for a better rollup site wide view a Content Type Query.

Document View

For the view on a specific document library (im assuming you can all add a view if you have trouble just google or email me).

  • create a new view
  • select the fields you wish to see in the list (I keep it simple and just use the name)
  • sort the view by Modified and make sure it is descending
  • The filter is on the Modified by field and in the value type [Me] (there are other values like this including [Today] I will find a list of these and post it)
  • I grouped by Modified so I get all the document I modified grouped by day.
  • I then set an item limit to 10 or so (up to you)

Then just add the view on the home page. Its a winner and so easy. And of course it works for all lists and libraries types.

Content Query

Add the content query web part to the page (I do it to the top level home page)

In the webpart settings I set the

  • Scope to all sites in the site collection
  • The list type to


This will only show me document in document lists and of document content type. If you want something different the select it. Make sure you select to Include child content types as this will mean if anyone creates any content types based on document they will appear in the list.

  • for the filtering section I simply selected Modified By as the field. This is the cool bit here I can select the [Me] option, you will also note here you can select other users to include as well.
  • Unfortunately I cant group by the modified date but I suspect you could do that with XS L.
  • Lastly I Sorted it by the modified date, descending and grouped it to 10 documents.

And there you go. Also the CQWP does not have to just sit on the topsite you can put it on a WSS site (if you have MOSS installed it only ships with MOSS) to view all your documents in that site.

Im sure there are other ways or better ways but this all seems to work well, in allowing users to quickly access their data quickly and easily.

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